Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February - HAUL

- February Edition -


So with the spring coming and the sun finally making an appearance, i've had a venture from the warmth of my house and had a mini shopping spree! 
I've mainly been buying beauty and home-ware items, as i've been changing around room lately! 

1) Powder Brush (TkMaxx) - £4.99  

This brush is so fluffy and soft, i'm in love with this! I brought this as I needed a new brush for my pressed powder that I use to set my foundation with my everday make-up. Its a thick brush, so it gives a good coverage :) very happy with this purchase! 

2) Renee Blanche Argan Oil Shampoo (TkMaxx) - £3.99 

This is the first time i've ever saw an argan oil shampoo, so I was very interested in trying this product! I've been using argan oil on the ends of my hair regularly after I have washed it, and i've been very happy with the results, so I was intrigued to find out if a shampoo would have similar effects, as I do suffer with bad split ends! I must admit i've only used this product twice, but I have noticed a difference with the ends of my hair and surprised that it made such a difference! Tk Maxx sell alot of argan oil products for a very decent price, so i'm now interested in buying the matching conditioner :) 

3) Vintage Tin (TkMaxx) - £3.99 

I automatically fell in love with this vintage tin and thought it would look 'very' pretty in my room! It's also very useful as i've been able to store my earrings in it, which were just lying loose on my desk! Not bad for the price :) 

4) Oblong Floral Tray (TkMaxx) - £2.99

I've brought this, as I needed something on my desk to organise my random bits and bobs, and everyday items (perfume, bracelets, lipstick/lip-gloss etc) I thought it was a very pretty and looks lovely in my room :) 

1) Make-up Brush Holder (IKEA) - £2.50

I love love love this pot, it's so pretty and is the perfect size to hold my brushes. I wanted a holder as it keeps my brushes up-right without ruining the bristles. Also it keeps them all organised so I can easily grab them as I do my make-up :) 

2) Make-up Storage Drawers (IKEA) - £5.00 each 

I've been looking for some drawers for ages, to be able to store my everyday make-up! Its an easy storage idea, keeping your make-up nice and organised :) I brought two separate drawers and stacked them together - splitting my make-up between the two drawers! IKEA also stock many different sizes and depths, which can all be stacked together and can also be attached to a wall (which could be useful if you don't have space on your desk) For the price these drawers are ideal and very handy :) 

3) Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical (Boots) - £4.99 

Absolutely love this dry shampoo, especially the tropical scented one it's my favourite! 

      Ecotools Bamboo Smudge Eyeliner Brush (Boots) - £4.99

I brought this eye brush, as I wanted a brush to be able to smudge my eye shadow when i'm doing a smoky eye, to avoid harsh lines. I haven't used this brush yet, but it's bristles are soft but strong so it looks perfect for the job! It also comes with a handy eye-liner sharpener attached to the end of the brush! :) 

      Bo-ing Benefit Concealer (Benefit Make-up) - £16.50 
      They're Real Mascara (Benefit Make-up) - £18.50 

- Review coming soon on the benefit make-up! -


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