Tuesday, 9 April 2013

#1 Products I've Used Up

Helloo again! 
So this is my first ever empties blog, where I will basically be showing you the products that I have used up! And giving you my honest review on what I liked/disliked about these products :) 
What I like most about these sort of things, is that you know you can trust the review of the person giving it, as the product has been tried and tested! :) 
I don't have many, as it does take me a long time to finish anything, as I have so many products that I like to try out! 
(For some reason most of these are hair products! haha!)

1) Umberto Giannini Beauty Secrets Intense Conditioner
 (£5.61 - boots)

I had this shampoo and conditioner set agessssssssssssssss ago for a christmas present! I used up all the shampoo, but I put away the conditioner for some reason and didn't discover it again until a few months ago! 

I have mixed reviews about this conditioner to be honest, as the first time I used it, it made my hair feel greasy and weighed down. The second time I used it, I just applied a small amount to the tips of my hair, after I had conditioned it using a different conditioner. I did notice a small difference, as the ends of my hair looked healthier. 

But not entirely sure about this to be honest! Don't think i'm going to repurchase!

2) Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical 
(£2.99 - boots) 

I think most people nowadays has tried this product out! And to be honest, it is the best smelling dry shampoo ever!
I love this product, as it doesn't leave your hair with white marks as much as the other dry shampoo's that I have tried out. 

Definitely going to repurchase this one!

3) Toni & Guy Iron-It Heat Defence Spray 
(think it's been discontinued!) 

I've had this spray for years, but never got round to using it! I don't really use heat defence sprays, as I normally forget to use them before I do my hair! I don't use alot of heat on my hair, so it has took my a while to use this little can up!

I'm not too keen on this product, as it easily makes your hair greasy, so only a small amount needs to be used! I'm too sure if I like the smell aswell, as it is quite strong!

Not going to repurchase 

4) John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner
(£6.29 - boots) 

I love love love this conditioner so much! It has worked wonders on my hair! 
I use this product to deep conditioner my hair, which I do about once a week. I apply the conditioner to my hair and leave up to 5-10 minutes (maybe a bit longer) So have a nice relax in your shower or bath while you wait!

The results are great and my hair feels 100% healthier! I have less split ends when I used this product more frequently! So I definitely recommend to anyone who is trying to grow their hair!

Definitely repurchasing !

5) John Frieda Full Repair Deep Infusion Serum
(£6.99 - boots)

As you might of guessed, i'm a little bit in love with John Frieda's full repair range! haha!
This serum is a little beauty though and works miracles on my split ends! As it works to repair the ends of your hair and to make your hair more healthier and shiny! 

I only use a small amount on damp hair and apply evenly through the ends of my hair! And I must admit the results have been amazing, as the ends of my hair remain healthier inbetween haircuts, and my hair has grown ten times as quick as before I used this! 

Already repurchased! 

6) Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly 
(£3.10 - lush) 

I absolutely adore the smell of this shower gel/jelly, and i'm so happy that i've already got another one to use!

This took me agessss to use up, as only a little goes a very long way!! It smells gorgeous and leaves my body smelling all pretty with a hint of glitter which is part of the jelly!

Will repurchase this!  

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